Our Concept

Luxtural® was a pioneer in 2009 and today is proving to be more relevant then ever.

  • It is the first line to answer Anti Aging skin care needs in 3 powerful multi-tasking Products.
  • It is the first line to use (both in quantity and quality), reputable active ingredients delivered safely via biotechnology, in collaboration with additional botanicals and an array of essential oils – without the use of parabens, mineral oils, or synthetic fragrances. All in one product. (Never tested on animals).
  • It is the first brand to successfully unite the finest aspects of diverse skin care philosophies (Luxury, Natural, Organic, Holistic, Scientific, and Spa) into one simple treatment.
  • The first line to use Pure Pacific Ocean Rain: soft and especially low in minerals and contamination, (collected without touching the ground).
  • In a “blind” clinical study by an FDA approved independent laboratory, found Luxtural® to have significant results.


LUXTURAL U.S. Pat. 9,050,255 and U.S. Pat. 9,295,618