Luxury Skin Care has never been more relevant than today

Amongst the ever-expanding skin care market and the seemingly endless array of products and promises it produces, it’s easy for any consumer to get lost in the hype and not know where to look or what to look for.

The Ultra Luxury skin care market, known for decades to provide a more traditional approach towards treatment, continually provides consumers with an endless selection of products… especially when it comes to Anti Aging. The result is consumer confusion; cream for lines, cream for sagginess, cream for day, cream for night, this one for nourishment and that one for the neck, cream for stimulating and cream for brightening. The same for Serums etc, etc… the list goes on and on. Consumers keep looking and hoping as vast amounts of money keep flowing without knowing which products they really need or what kind of approach they should take – Scientific, Organic, Natural, Doctor, Spa treatments, or maybe have a special anti-aging facial? The “road map” for even the most knowledge clientele is becoming more and more blurred.

However, current trends in the personal care market show a significant growth of savvy and more discerning consumers, demanding greater clarity of product ingredients, product safety, efficacy, and quick results. People want fewer products in their everyday regimen while wanting “more” results and benefits, preferring products and ingredients that are backed by science rather than just marketing spin. Requests for greener products (tied to a Natural or Organic core) that are sustainable, are no longer just a whisper in the Ultra Luxury Market, they are actually becoming a trend.