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Real Anti-Aging Begins with Proper Hydration

Pure Pacific Ocean Rain is the best source of hydration that exists

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Delivering you a Luxtural Experience

The LUXTURAL® product line is elegant, making your skin look glamorous, and rejuvenated, and feeling soft, smooth and healthy. It is light on your skin, quick absorbing, and free from parabens, mineral oils, and synthetic fragrances. our products raised the skin’s hydration level by 120% and up to a maximum of 182% after 5 minutes. The skin retained an impressive 81% and up to a maximum of 178% more hydration 6 hours after application. These results are considered very significant! After one application of our products, roughness of skin and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles were diminished.

We chose for you, airless pump containers with a rich and luxurious look that enhances the entire LUXTURAL® experience. These special products were created - with great care, innovation and love - from pure Pacific Ocean rain, exotic extracts, microencapsulated anti-aging distinctive components, and other superior natural ingredients.

About the Luxtural Rain

Rainwater was used for thousands of years by ancient cultures for purifications and holy rituals, which were frequently a symbol of new beginnings – the rebirth of a person and their soul. Today, as was the case back then, RAIN was considered a “gift from God”. Our Rainwater is clean and pure. It is collected from a site that was carefully chosen because of its particularly superior location. The Northern Pacific Coastline, with its exceptionally clean air and its ocean winds, which carry the moisture rich clouds from their original place of creation – the “Pacific Ocean”, resulting in a new, soft, fresh, clean RAIN.

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Blue is the new Green

“Blue is the new Green”, one of the main discussions at the In Cosmetics Show in Paris, shows that the real importance of water quality is finally gaining more and more attention in the industry. Though novelty waters have been used over the years, it has never been used (or even thought of) as a delivery system. It’s relevance; water makes up the majority of the formulations in most skin care products.

After one application of the LUXTURAL® products, roughness of skin and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles were diminished.

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Nature meets Luxury

The Ultra Luxury skin care market, known for decades to provide a more traditional approach towards treatment, continually provides consumers with an endless selection of products… especially when it comes to Anti Aging. The result is consumer confusion; cream for lines, cream for sagginess, cream for day, cream for night, this one for nourishment and that one for the neck, cream for stimulating and cream for brightening. The same for Serums etc, etc… the list goes on and on. Consumers keep looking and hoping as vast amounts of money keep flowing without knowing which products they really need or what kind of approach they should take – Scientific, Organic, Natural, Doctor, Spa treatments, or maybe have a special anti-aging facial? The “road map” for even the most knowledge clientele is becoming more and more blurred.

As a woman of leisure I always used high-end name brands and when switched to Luxtural was a bit skeptical. After a year of using the product I can say its the best luxury skin care I have ever used, fast results, my skin feels and looks glamourous. Luxtural became my own mini spa and I started to use it all over my body. 5 Stars.

Sharon J, Chicago, IL

I am always looking for the best skin care that actually deliver results and during my experiencing with several luxury skin care brands I've found out that Luxtural's products are working best for me! they are promised to be anti-aging and I can really see the results on my skin, thank you!

Julia S, France

I have been using Luxtural for about two months and I am truly amazed at the change in my skin. It was my husband who noticed first, causing me to take a closer look. Upon examination, it was clear that the wrinkles have softened considerably and the texture of my skin is greatly improved. There seems to be a glow emerging that I only remember from my youth. To say I am thrilled with the results of this product would be an understatement.

Carol L, Arizona

I've been using your {Luxtural} products. After applying them, I could actually feel them working on my skin throughout the day. The main feeling I had was that my skin was tighter, smoother and softer. I love it! Also, my friends at the office told me, "WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR FACE?" "YOUR SKIN LOOKS SO GLAMOROUS"! I strongly recommend the use of Luxtural's products.

Netta, UK

I have been enjoying the Luxtural products more than any other products I have ever used before. The products have very soothing scents and get absorbed quickly leaving a velvety feeling of moisturized and rejuvenated skin. I especially like the mist that can be used over makeup and gives a refreshing feeling to the skin. I have been working long days and evenings and feel my skin has the nourished moisturized feeling throughout the day. Great products I strongly recommend!

Rachel, New Jersey

I am about to leave for the day but could not let another minute pass before I tell you how I CANNOT BELIEVE your products!!! I started using them on Wednesday night and I absolutely cannot believe my skin!!! First, the way they FEEL is indescribable! My skin feels like SILK!! The smell is amazing too. But even better than that, when I woke up yesterday morning, I looked like I had makeup on!!! My skin looked SO "fresh". I just can't believe it ? and I am not just writing this to make you feel good. If it was not true, I simply would not write anything. This morning when I woke up, my sister-in-law said, "you took a shower already???" and I said, "no, I just got out of bed" and she said, "you look so good!!!" and she doesn't even know I was using something new on my skin. Pnina, I feel like my face is screaming, "THANK YOU!!!!!"

Amy. Connecticut

So far I used Sisley products and I bought the full set of products and I am totally happy with them. I know they are not available in Italy yet but I saw I can easily buy them on line. I am really happy with my Luxtural products and I'll talk about them to my friends as well because the results I am experiencing are really surprising.

Simona F, Italy

I was introduced to Luxtural at least three years ago. I loved it then but was not sure I could afford to use it regularly or that there was not another brand as good. So I tried many other products, Prevage from Elizabeth Arden, Ren, Aromatherapy,Dr Hauschka, Orogold to name a few. I even believed the hype from the on line massive advertising of Juvesiio and Flawless Elite promising an improved complexion after 30 days! I have returned to Luxtural and only wished I had sooner. I am a working grandmother of 63 still working with my husband and even he has noticed the difference.

Anne, London